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Bi-directional Knife Gate valve
Bi-directional Knife Gate valve




Bi-directional Knife Gate valve

Product Range:

Size Range: 2"~48"(DN50~DN1200)

Pressure rating:

DN50-DN125            16bar

DN150-DN250           10bar

DN300-DN400            6bar
DN450                   5bar

DN500-DN600            4bar

DN700-DN1200           2bar

Connection end:Wafer,Lug


Material:Carbon steel,Stainless steel,Duplex Stainless steel,Alloy steel,Monel,Inconel,Hastelloy etc


Design Standards:

Design&manufacture according to MSS SP-81

Face-to-face according to MSS SP-81

End connection according to ASME B16.5/EN1092-1

Test&inspection according to MSS SP-81


Features and benefits

Bi-directional valve deals with flow in both directions, while offering 0 leakage.The u–shape peripheral seat design ensures full-port flow and non-clogging shutoff.


1pc or 2pc body design

Full port design, greater flow and minimum pressure drop.

Flush ports allows for cleaning of solids trapped in the body cavities.


The bottom of the gate edge is machined to a bevel,that provides stronger cutting and tighter seal

The gate’s thickness or material can be changed according to requirements.

The gate is fully guided in the body allowing for bi-directional service.


U-shaped elastomer seat provides a peripheral seal along the edge of the gate.

The U-shape design ensures tight seal in both flow directions.